About Us

We’re kind of a big deal.

I mean, if you had to choose between hanging out with a bunch of cool dudes, getting lots of sick killz and makin all the fat stax of ca$h OR getting run over by a moose – I think it’s pretty clear which option you’d pick.

We live in a C4 wormhole called Nexus and it’s totally the shit! We got all the structures you could ever want. Yo, our faction fort even has a STRIP CLUUUBBB. We got all the best PI and all the dank wormhole connections and it’s a PUUULLLSSSAAARRR!


C4s are legit, the best wormholes ever and we are the #1 C4 wormhole corp out there, yo. We’ve been in a C4 for three years now. Our first one may or may not have been evicted, but it’sk. WE GOT A NEW ONE! #C4LYFE!!!!!!

Our leadership are super boss, too. Check it out, the ceo is a for reals woman. With tits and everything! Plus, we got a baller lawyer, a mother fucking boat captain, at least three europeans and some dude named Val. And those are just the DIRECTORs. We got loads of other members and stuff!